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New Construction

We offer expert new home construction services. With the economy coming back, we are seeing more new custom homes being built and we are here to help. Just a few years ago, we were seeing our competition in the home construction market doing everything they could to cut corners. This meant sacrificing the things that were most important to people because these things are what make a house a home.




New Home Construction

The pace was so fast that we have seen building inspectors walk from house to house down a street of new homes signing off inspections and not even going into the houses. Sub-contractors were taking short cuts in order to get the job done and on to the next one. They are so inexperienced and were unable to perform their oversight responsibilities. The industry had become just that, an industry, and it lost focus of what its main purpose was supposed to be.

We are changing that one home at a time. We are bringing back the concept of consulting the client and getting things completed the exact way they want it. Material choice and quality construction are very important factors in being happy in your home.




We believe that the purpose of home building is to focus on one individual at a time. To understand the needs of each client, and design and build a quality home capable of meeting those needs for many years with minimal service and to do it responsibly. This is something that we personally stand by and guarantee we can accomplish with every home we build.




Building a home responsibly is to be meticulous about details and conscious of resources. Details regarding the clients’ needs and expectations and resources such as: time, materials, capital, and the environment. We set out on a particular home building project to reduce construction waste as much as possible. To the extent that we intentionally did not have a dumpster on site. We worked with the sub-contractors and they were more resourceful in how materials were used. We managed cut materials that would have normally gone into the landfill and used them in the building process for blocking and deadwood. This reduced overall materials used which saved on capital. In the end, we built a 3,800 square foot brick home and saved on capital, material and time. A more responsible approach begins with staying focused to the needs and resources of the client and the environment.

Now that things have slowed down, it is the perfect opportunity for custom home building. Material prices are down and labor is available due to lower demand. Financing is available at historic low interest rates for those who qualify. And the down turn has weeded out many of the people who shouldn't have been building house in the first place. We have built relationships with people that have stood through these slow times which stands as a testimony as to their vision and comment to quality, purpose and responsibility.

Contact us today to learn why it's the best time to build!

What We Design and Build

Our new construction services focus on residential single family homes and related structures such as, but not limited to:

  • Custom Homes - building traditional homes as well as contemporary homes
  • Related Residential Structures - garages, pole barns, workshops, efficiency apartment, poolhouse, outdoor living space, boat docks.
  • Mountain Properties - vacation homes, cabins, lodges, retreats, etc.
  • Beach Houses



From the first consultation to the final photos, Tom was focused on our concept of the project. Making suggestions, bringing in experts in each field, providing the highest quality materials, and all this in a very timely manner, these delightful, innovative and honest people gave us far more than we expected. What a beautiful deck and room addition! Thank you Tom for an excellent job! We look forward to the next project you will do for us. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Written by: Walt and Susan S - Lake Norman, NC