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Lake Front Home Design & Build

There's little that can replace the beautiful wonder of nature's landscape. Whenever you bought this property you were most likely enticed by the aesthetic characteristics and natural beauty in the region, and now you have a responsibility to maintain this beauty when you design and build a lake front house.

Designing a Custom Lake Front House

Below are a few guidelines to adhere to when designing a custom lake front house in the greater Charlotte, NC area:

Vegetative Screening: The native plant growth alongside a shoreline is very important for its visual quality in addition to its filtration effect. If these types of plants become infected or no longer perpetuate themselves, we are able to help nature by planting comparable local vegetation in its place.

Structures: Buildings make the most dramatic change in any environment; they must be designed to fit in with the landscape whenever possible.

Size: Lower the overall size of the structure and the profile facing the lake. Plan your design and style so that the proper rooms are taking advantage of the view, along with other rooms where you would usually cover the windows are facing away from the lake.

Building Materials: Choose siding and roofing which is natural in appearance and does not conflict with the surroundings.

Color: You might love the mix of purple and yellow, but it could stick out like a sore thumb in the coastline view. Make an effort to pick colors which fit in with the region, and use flowers or shrubs to include accent colors

Accessory Structures: Attempt to limit extra storage structures just to one. They tend to obstruct the view and create an appearance of clutter. As mentioned above, the location would be more effective if the shed were positioned facing away from the lake.

Docks and Boat Storage: Keep their size to a minimum and then try to blend them into the coastline whenever possible.

Shoreline Alteration: Whenever you can use natural filter strips instead of a retaining wall. This can be a natural strip of vegetation which is added near to the shoreline; its purpose is act as a filter to stop pollutants from seeping into the water and reduce soil erosion. It may be in the form of grasses or the most effective type is mature woodland materials.

Building on a Lake

Some contractors will tell you everyone can build on a lake. They are completely wrong. Lake front home builds may be a lot more demanding than constructing in a subdivision. First you will find the technical elements:

  • To begin with, you are frequently working on a lot which is narrow and irregularly shaped, along with broadly variant adjustments in elevation. That could make it difficult to obtain the goal of maximizing your residences' footprint.
  • The closeness of neighboring homes may also provide problems - as can lakefront soil conditions, problems of drainage, and difficult terrain.
  • Next think about the visual concerns which lakefront homes present. They just don't have backsides. They've got 2 fronts - one side that faces the lake, and the side which faces the road. Both have to be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. The two will need to have "curb appeal."

Be assured, we understand the challenges that comes along with lake front building and know how to deal with them!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about lake front home design and building services in Charlotte, NC.

From the first consultation to the final photos, Tom was focused on our concept of the project. Making suggestions, bringing in experts in each field, providing the highest quality materials, and all this in a very timely manner, these delightful, innovative and honest people gave us far more than we expected. What a beautiful deck and room addition! Thank you Tom for an excellent job! We look forward to the next project you will do for us. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Written by: Walt and Susan S - Lake Norman, NC