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Home Additions 400 Sq. Ft. Or Greater

sunroom2Whether you want to add on a family room or a few new bedrooms, we can design and build exactly what you re looking for. With people staying in their homes longer we are seeing more and more additions to give more space or better function to their existing homes.

Whether you desire an attached home addition, a second story home addition, or a modular house addition, Schultz Custom Homes and Remodeling offers house and home addition plans, cost estimates, and much more.

Our Home Additions in Charlotte, NC

Just like Goldilocks' legendary hunt for the best chair, the perfect size home falls into 3 categories, not big enough, too big or just right. Sometimes a home begins as just right and then morphs into the category of not big enough as a family outgrows the size of their house. Moving might not be your best option when it means shifting school districts or adding time to the day-to-day work commute, so often the best choice to get a bigger home and a much better fit is to take the remodeling dive.

Many people think of changing the room within their homes whenever they think of remodeling. Things such as adding new kitchen cabinets or new floors, maybe French doors in order to change sliding patio doors or taking down a wall between 2 little bedrooms to make a bigger room.

On a larger scale however it's possible to add on to the home, not only a room but a number of rooms, sometimes in the form of a completely new story to the dwelling. Adding an additional story to a one story home is a terrific way to give a small home additional size and by building up a family can certainly add bedrooms and a bathroom without taking away the needed room below.

Adding another story is a quick way to double the size of the home square footage, and it will also increase the value of the property when and if it ever is needed to put it on the market. Having a home designer and builder work together with the home owner during the entire process helps to ensure that the ideas of the homeowner are put in place in a cost-effective way, and that the remodel will remain true to the architecture and design of the house. A great remodel job should blend and also have a fairly easy flow from one part of the home to the next without any obvious spaces where the old meets the new.

For the property owner who won't be able to construct a whole new addition up due to the structure of the pre-existing home, it is also possible to add an addition to the house by building out of course. This is an excellent way to keep the integrity of a ranch style home and expand not only the bedrooms but the living area and kitchen as the whole house is extended out to give more room on the inside.

Common Home Additions

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • A second story

Please feel free to contact us for more information about home additions or for a consultation today!